A dream team-up that might work….

If the day ever comes when Titan Comics gets their hands on the rights to THE SHADOW, or Dynamite Entertainment ever gets their hands on the rights to DOCTOR WHO, I want to see this team-up. 

The First Doctor and The Shadow. 

As well as the mysteries surrounding the signet ring worn by the First Doctor, and the girasol ring worn by The Shadow. 

And if the two rings share a connection.




Girasol Ring: The Shadow wears a unique purple ring which was a gift from the Czar of Russia, whom Allard had befriended. Later, when he faked his disappearance in the jungles of Guatemala, he discovered a tribe of Xinca Indians who bestowed upon him a companion mystical jewel (a second ring). It seems there were actually two identical rings, each with a fire-opal stone, which were the eyes of a Xincan idol







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