Are the Dark Spark and Dark Energon from TRANSFORMERS PRIME, and Quintessence from VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER the same substance?

This week I have been watching TRANSFORMERS PRIME, a computer animated television series taking elements from Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS film franchise, and four episodes in, I find that I like it a lot. And as I usually do, I found a possible connection to another beloved animated series I have been watching: VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER. 

The connection comes in the form of two artifacts called the Dark Spark and the Dark Energon who apparently shares certain similarities to another rare substance in another universe from days of long ago where a legend resides. 

And that unique subtstance is known as Quintessence.

I will leave these three wikia links, and you can decide for yourself. 

Take care. 

Dark Spark:

Dark Energon:


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I am a chronicler of possible crossover speculations...
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