The Punisher: Son of The Black Terror of Nedor Comics!?!

After looking at the biographies of Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Bob Benton (The Black Terror) an interesting connection presented itself to me: There’s a possibility that The Punisher (Frank Castle/Francis Castiglione) might be the biological son of pharmacist Robert “Bob” Benton, a.k.a. The Black Terror, and that Frank was conceived in a moment of passion between Benton and Mrs. Castiglione prior to America’s entry into the Second World War.

Furthermore, it’s possible that Frank was born with Benton’s “formic ethers” in his DNA that made him an above average athelete, and an excellent United States Marine during the Vietnam War.

It’s also possible that Frank eventually found out that Benton was his biological father.

And perhaps this revelation inspired him to create a similar costume to hunt down those affiliated with organized crime after the murder of his wife and children by mobsters in Central Park.

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