The second life of Dan Briggs: From MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to ALIAS

After watching all of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Season One, and Seasons One thru Five of ALIAS, a peculiar thought crossed my mind.

What if Dan Briggs and Jack Bristow were the same man?

Looking at the evidence, it’s highly probable.

Perhaps the reason why Dan Briggs, the first team leader of the Impossible Missions Force, didn’t return in the second season of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is because he later went under the alias Jonathan Donahue “Jack” Bristow and was reassigned to another division within the Central Intelligence Agency. Probably as part of a long term covert operation.

And as Jack Bristow, Briggs was perhaps a founding member of the Alliance of Twelve in 1991 (perhaps an outgrowth of SPECTRE).

Moreover, as Bristow, Briggs and Arvin Sloane would later form the clandestine “CIA” secret division, SD-6, for the Alliance of Twelve, that was introduced in the first season of ALIAS.

Furthermore, Bristow and Sloane were perhaps the unnamed points of contact for the former Impossible Missions Force team leader, Jim Phelps, portrayed by John Voight, in the 1996 Mission Impossible film.

And its very possible that the NOC List Phelps was employed to steal was meant for the Alliance of Twelve to keep tabs of all known off-the’books agents and assets who could be manipulated into working for them and their version of the CIA.

Irina Dereveko, Jack’s estranged wife, and the mother of their daughter, Sydney Anne Bristow, was perhaps one of several Black Widows employed by the Soviet Union back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And as well as being a graduate of their Red Room, Irina was possibly one of its noted instructors.

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