Taking another look at the Strange Case of Doc Dare

Originally, I had believed that the Pulp adventuress known as Doc Dare was in fact two women: Bernice Reinstein/Joanna Dare from THE SHADOW AND DOC SAVAGE: THE CASE OF THE SHRIEKING SKELETONS (Dark Horse Comics) and DOC DARE (Eros Comics), and Patricia Clarke Lupin Wildman, the daughter of a certain Bronze-skinned Pulp hero of the 1930s and 1940s, whose exploits were told in “THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE” by Philip Jose Farmer and Win Scott Eckert, and “THE SCARLET JAGUAR” by Win Scott Eckert (Meteor House Press).


But I was mistaken.

I have since removed Patricia Wildman from that theory, however, there is still a connection to Doc Savage, but in a very different way.

Doc Dare is solely Bernice Reinstein, alias Joanna Dare, and she came about her rare condition due to her connection to a man who would inspire the tales of the Man of Steel, who himself was the grandson of a man who would become known as the greatest changeling in all of literary fiction.

Dr. Bernice Reinstein, later given the alias “Joanna Dare,” was an accomplished chemist, trained by her adoptive father, Dr. Josef Reinstein, the creator of the Super-Soldier Serum that later transformed Steven Grant Rogers into the American symbol of liberty, Captain America, in CAPTAIN AMERICA #1: “Meet Captain America” (1941) told by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Bernice’s biological father was Hugo Danner, an extraordinary man whose life was chronicled by Philip Wylie in his novel, “GLADIATOR”.

Hugo Danner, by way of his own father, Abednego, was the grandson of the notorious Dr. Henry Jekyll, who, due to a peculiar formula, was able to transform into the uncanny Mr. Edward Hyde.

His story was chronicled by Robert Louis Stevenson in “THE STRANGE CASE OF DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE”.

The reason why Bernice/Joanna became Doc Dare remains the same as what I relayed in my earlier entry.

She was fixated, transfixed, subconsciously and consciously, by the Man of Bronze.

And that fixation transformed her in her most dire need into a certain “Woman of Bronze”.

The nature of the formula she injested has yet to be uncovered, and any samples of that formula were destroyed, along with the room Bernice was in, when Agent D, of the Nazi Gestapo, rigged the room to explode with Bernice tied up, and left for dead.

Thankfully, due to her ancestry, and quick thinking, she swallowed the formula, she survived the explosion, and she literally became a brand new woman.

What became of Bernice Reinstein/Joanna Dare after the end of the Second World War has yet to be told.

Only time will tell if or when that story will be revealed to the public.













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