Is there a connection between STRANGER THINGS’s Hawkins National Laboratory and the METAL GEAR SOLID universe?

I apologize for keeping many of you waiting. It’s been a hell of a few years. So to those of you who have stuck around, I appreciate you. Thank you. 

Okay. Enough of that. 

Weeks ago, I finished watching STRANGER THINGS on Netflix and I was blown away by what I saw. 

Especially, when it concerns the antagonist organization known as the Hawkins National Laboratory that works under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy. 

As I continued watching the 8-episode miniseries, a series of questions came to me:

What if the events of STRANGER THINGS took place months prior to the events of METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN?

What if the Hawkins National Laboratory was tasked with creating paranormal agents to fight paranormal agents employed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War? 

Perhaps to counter the abilities of paranormal Soviet agents such as The Man On Fire ( or the Third Boy (….

Perhaps the child test subject of the Hawkins National Laboratory known as Eleven was created and trained to be a paranormal agent in America’s arsenal to combat such individuals.

Furthermore, what if the Hawkins National Laboratory answered to the secret global network known as Cipher (, created by Major David Oh, the former commanding officer of FOX Unit (, following the events of METAL GEAR SOLID: PORTABLE OPS, to replace the global power of The Philosophers ( introduced in METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER?

Only time will tell….

I can’t wait to see Season Two of STRANGER THINGS to find out.

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I know it’s has been a while since my last post, but I have been very busy.

Nevertheless, I have been re-watching James Cameron’s TERMINATOR films (THE TERMINATOR (1991) and TERMINATOR 2; JUDGEMENT DAY (1991) ) and his blockbuster spy flick, TRUE LIES (1994), and an interesting thought came to me as I was watching these films:

What if the super-spy organization known as OMEGA SECTOR that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Harry Tasker, worked for, was responsible for the creation of CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, SKYNET, and the cybernetic Terminator infiltration 800 series, model 101 units?

What if SKYNET was meant for much more than just a nuclear deterrent, but was an artificial intelligence program created to counter all forms of threats against the United States and her allies, including international and domestic terrorism?

I think there might be a connection.

And if this connection is proven possible, then the latter films, TERMINATOR 3; THE RISE OF THE MACHINES and TERMINATOR SALVATION might very well be intentional diversions to misdirect the general public about the continued existence of OMEGA SECTOR, CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, and SKYNET, replacing CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS as the originator of SKYNET, with that of CYBER RESEARCH SYSTEMS, and placing the project under the direct supervision of the United States Air Force.

I submit that in both JUDGEMENT DAY scenarios that CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, with the financial backing and oversight of OMEGA SECTOR, activated SKYNET, and after realizing their error, tried to shut down SKYNET. SKYNET retaliated, and launched their nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation soon after responded by launching their nuclear arsenal against the United States.

In both chronologies, the event is known as JUDGMENT DAY.

And soon after the incident, SKYNET unleased its Hunter-Killer units to wipe out the human populations in the United States.

Out of this time of genocide and chaos, a man arose who would take the fight to SKYNET.

His name was John Connor.

However, we will get back to him later.

The reason why I was able to make a connection between CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS and OMEGA SECTOR, and the possibility of a link, comes down to one man: OMEGA SECTOR agent, Harry Tasker.

In TERMINATOR 3: THE RISE OF THE MACHINES, the first film without James Cameron as Director, viewers are led to believe, in a deleted scene, that the Terminator 800 series, Model 101 infiltrators were based on U.S. Air Force Tech Sergeant Candy (portrayed by Schwarzenegger).

I have since come to see that deleted scene as well placed misdirection on the producers’ part.

Probably insisted upon by OMEGA SECTOR itself.

What if OMEGA SECTOR used its hi-tech cover corporate conglomerate, CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, to commission the SKYNET and TERMINATOR programs to stand as deterrents that would prevent or win future wars that OMEGA SECTOR couldn’t anticipate?

And perhaps, when OMEGA SECTOR decided who would be the model for their infiltration cybernetic units, OMEGA SECTOR chose their top espionage agent, Harry Tasker?

That possibility seems more sound than the revelation shown in the TERMINATOR 3 deleted scene.

And two further questions need to be asked: What happened to Harry Tasker, his wife, Helen, and his daughter, Dana, during and after JUDGMENT DAY, and were there any OMEGA SECTOR survivors of that apocalyptic day?

Because if the Tasker family, and scattered groups of former OMEGA SECTOR operatives, scientists, engineers, and technicians survived JUDGMENT DAY, I can see the survivors becoming the founders of the hi-tech research, development, and applications unit that is later redesignated TECH-COM.

The same TECH-COM led by General John Connor.

One would have to wonder what this highly trained and resourceful unit did during the early years of the Human Resistance forces.

They were probably led by Tasker himself, or his boss, Spencer Trilby (think Colonel Nick Fury, as an old man, from Marvel Comics’ NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and is well known for the stories and art by Jim Steranko; Trilby was played by Charlton Heston), who might have survived JUDGMENT DAY.

Trilby is based on a bad ass secret agent after all. Or vice versa. You take your pick. It’s possible.

What would be interesting is if Tasker and his family survived long enough to meet Connor, and to be part of his war planning staff to finally shut down SKYNET. And wouldn’t it be interesting if Dana Tasker actually became Connor’s wife, instead of Kate Brewster?

And having the older Harry Tasker encountering, and fighting, T-800, Model 101, Terminator infiltration units, based on his image, would be interesting to witness. Tasker definitely would have been an asset when it concerned infiltrating the Terminator units for on sight intelligence to be used by Connor’s forces.

What isn’t widely known is that SKYNET reactivated the T-800, Model 101, infiltration project, after JUDGMENT DAY, or that they were originally intended to be to OMEGA SECTOR, what Life Model Decoys (LMD’s) were for Colonel Nick Fury’s SUPREME HEADQUARTERS INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE and LAW-ENFORCEMENT DIVISION (S.H.I.E.L.D.) agency. They were cybernetic android agents/assassins used by OMEGA SECTOR’s SKYNET A.I. program to terminate foreign and domestic threats. Unfortunately, for OMEGA SECTOR’s CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS Research and Development division, they were able to save the biological data of Tasker and a few other operatives, and no one else, before JUDGMENT DAY occurred.

I wouldn’t put it past Trilby to have placed an order for every deep cover operative within OMEGA SECTOR to serve as stand-in for the original operatives to be deployed for other missions, or as decoys.

What is known is that somehow between THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, OMEGA SECTOR operatives got a hold of the remains of the the original Terminator cyborg sent to 1984 by SKYNET to kill Sarah Connor before she conceived and/or gave birth to her son, John Connor, future leader of the Human Resistance forces. And the research done to understand its remains, gave birth to CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS. So for eleven years, OMEGA SECTOR/CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS was able to make significant amount of advances in science and technology. However, the main body of CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS’s personnel were unaware of their secret corporate backer.

And as time went on, Sarah Connor landed on OMEGA SECTOR’s radar as she planned and executed terrorist operations against CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS and their affiliates. And they secretly had recordings of her taped confessions concerning apocalyptic visions of the future. Despite her actions, Sarah remained a curiosity to them. An unknown factor for some, a mad Cassandra for others.

However, a year after the events of TRUE LIES, the events of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY took place. And in the aftermath, OMEGA SECTOR issued a capture or kill order against Sarah Connor. And they blamed her for the destruction and loss of life that took place at the corporate headquarters of CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS. Especially, when it concerned the death of Dr. Miles Dyson, the lead project manager who supervised the program that took a part and analyzed the remains of the original Terminator. He was a personal friend of Trilby, and Trilby wanted Sarah Connor brought in, dead or alive.

Therefore, Trilby sent in Tasker and his team to bring in or kill Connor.

What happened between this point and JUDGEMENT DAY is, unfortunately, lost to the annals of time.

However, it’s not impossible that Sarah and John encountered Tasker at some time during the hunt, explained to him the SKYNET A.I. program that would have ended human life on Earth. And perhaps being a new Special Director to OMEGA SECTOR, soon after the events of TRUE LIES, Harry would have been aware of its existence. An existence he would have had reservations about.

Whatever happened, the Connors disappeared from known history, probably with the help of Tasker and a select few.

JUDGEMENT DAY still arrived, but on a later date than was foretold by the second Terminator infiltration unit sent by older John Connor to protect his younger self (and eventually his mother).

And it’s possible that John Connor was protected inside an old abandoned OMEGA SECTOR bunker on the southern California/Mexican border.

Who knows?

What is known is that from the ashes of JUDGMENT DAY, a man arose with the mission to shut down SKYNET once and for all.

External links:

Terminator: The Beginning [Skynet Soldier]:

True Lies – Movie Trailer:

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“Batman Beyond” – Darwyn Cooke’s Batman 75th Anniversary Short (Official):

Batman versus The Terminator:

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An alternate origin of the Batman Beyond suit


For some time now, I have been intrigued by the design specifications of the Batman Beyond suit (

Moreover, I see the suit as being the apex in suit armor design ever created by the billionaire industrialist, Bruce Wayne ( and, of Wayne Enterprises (, to assist him in his ongoing war on crime as the Dark Knight.

But where did Wayne get the idea to create the Batman Beyond suit?

Where did it really come from?

Now from the “Terry McGinnis’s Batsuit” link, the reader is told the history of the suit:

“This high-tech Batsuit was developed presumably to compensate for Bruce Wayne’s advancing age and eventually passed on to Terry McGinnis became Gotham’s new savior.[2] Despite being 30 years old,[3] its technology was so advanced that the Suit was still considered state of the art.

“It is largely unknown what Bruce used to build the Suit, except that he got its servo-motors from Dr. Peter Corso.[4] Bruce combined and incorporated most of the features and concepts of previous costumes and other gadgets into this Suit, such as the flight capability of the Jet-Wing,[5] batarangs with auxiliary functions, grappling guns, bolas, and retractable claws,[6] among other things. It also gave the wearer superhuman strength, agility, and flexibility. He also built in new features such as a cloaking device—possibly inspired by the light refractive polymer[7]—although this function probably consumed a good deal of the Suit’s power, seeing as Terry minimized its usage. With this Suit, Batman had more versatility, as he was less dependent on portable gadgets, as well as less vulnerable to external adversities. The entire costume was an exoskeleton of electronic circuits; however, it was malleable like regular clothing, capable of being folded to fit inside Terry’s backpack.[8] Moreover, it conformed to the size of its wearer, seeing as it was able to fit both Bruce[9]and Terry as they have different physiques at the time. Its external cloth was also somewhat resistant, still it could be torn off, thus exposing the Suit’s circuitry.[10]

The mystery that has yet to be answered is “what Bruce used to build the suit”?

We know why he created the suit, we just don’t know where he got the idea to create it from?

I have a theory that might help answer where he attained the knowledge, and the means, to create the suit.

From this theory the reader will discover there were, in fact, three other prototype suits secretly created and tested.


The history of the Batman Beyond suit worn by Bruce Wayne, and his genetic son, Terry McGinnis ( ) (see JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED episode, EPILOGUE, for details) has its origins in the aftermath of the two ARMOR WARS ( fought by billionaire industrialist, Tony Stark (, of Stark Enterprises ( to regain every item of Iron Man armor technology that had been stolen from him and used on the black market to create deadlier and opposing versions of the Iron Man suits (’s_armor) worn by Mr. Stark.

Stark did his best to get every item back in his possession. However, word got around that Iron Man was once again battling armored suited opponents to get back what was his, and the attention of these conflicts made their way to Mr. Wayne. Soon after, Wayne intentionally sought out defense contracts that would put him in close proximity to Stark Enterprises, in hopes of not outbidding them, but to create joint partnerships where Stark and Wayne could pull resources and materials to complete assigned tasked put forth by the Department of Defense.

Eventually, Wayne and Stark entered into a joint partnership to create a state-of-the-art next generation stealth suit application for the Force 21st century armor being funded and created by DARPA ( Both men threw themselves into the project drafting competing concepts for the suit that could aid U.S. special operations.

And in time, both men realized that a fusion of the two concepts was needed for the contract to succeed.

Therefore, Wayne and Stark met to compare notes and had a chance to size the other man up. To their surprise, despite their differences, the two men had a lot in common. And both were not who they appeared to be.


During this meeting, Stark was using the blueprints of an abandon Stealth Iron Man armor suit ( that he had intended his “bodyguard” to wear, and he was trying to rework the design to fit within the parameters of the design specifications of the Force 21st century suit. Wayne used some of his skill concerning the stealth and audio capabilities to his Batman suit as well.

Unfortunately, due to budget cutbacks, the program was scrapped, and with it, the joint partnership that Wayne and Stark had entered into. Nevertheless, the brainstorming sessions had helped both men in creating better suits to fight crime with. Especially, when it concerns the later research conducted by Wayne.


Wayne’s first foray in armored suit technology occurred soon after regaining the mantle of Batman, after he had temporarily relinquished it to Jean-Paul Valley, a university graduate student of computer science, who had redesigned the traditional Batsuit to make it an amalgamation of the Batman and Iron Man suits.  

Valley had played a pivotal role in the “Knightfall” story-arc (1993–1994), in which he stood in as Batman after Wayne was defeated and paralyzed at the hands of the notorious super-criminal, Bane.

Upon recovering from his injury, Wayne challenged Valley to regain the title of Batman, and he won. Despite the fact that Wayne would revert back to the classic Batsuit, he was impressed by the capabilities of Valley’s suit and saw a use for it in the foreseeable future.

However, as time went on, Wayne knew that in order to thrive in his war against the numerous criminal elements, he would have to change with the times, and develop better Batsuits to help him accomplish his missions.

He remembered the design specifications of the scrapped Iron Man Stealth Armor suit that was in one of Stark’s blueprints during their meeting, and had, in fact, taken a picture of the blueprint using a silent miniature microfilm camera in his wristwatch created by his vice president of special projects, Lucius Fox (

And from this bit of industrial espionage, Wayne was able to download the specs to his Batcave computer system, and he looked at the suit in great detail, creating 3-D virtual holographic presentations of the armored suit, and figuring out how he could adapt it as a next generation Batsuit.  

As the years progressed, Wayne and Fox developed a pseudo-organic metallic compound that acted like an “organic armor” that used its nanomachines to create whatever device it was programmed to make.

Wayne used this compound to create the first prototype Batsuit for program, Batman 2.0.


Wayne then tested the suit to see how far he could push it.

And inadvertently aroused the suspicions of Lucius Fox, and his son, Lucas, who might have seen the suit in flight on his way home one night.

Inspired by what he saw, and being a gifted scientist, engineer, and inventor, Lucius Fox developed his own armored Batsuit several years later, that later became the second Batwing suit, and perhaps Lucius obtained a copy of the Batman 2.0 specs, and in time, his equally gifted son, Lucas, was able to upgrade the Batwing suit inside his own basement laboratory.


It is from the second Batwing armored suit that the early beginnings of the Batman Beyond armored suit emerge.


Batwing Suit:


And as Bruce Wayne returned to the public eye after coming back from an indeterminate period of seclusion, Bruce established Batman Incorporated (, an organization that expanded the reach of the Dark Knight, and his allies, and soon after, recruits Lucas Fox, the new Batwing, as a member of Batman Incorporated.

This recruitment served two purposes:

1) To watch over, protect, and train the son of one of his oldest and dearest friends and colleagues;

2) To observe what Lucas and Lucius have done with his original Batman 2.0 research, and to reverse engineer the process to establish what will later become known as the Batman Beyond project with Dr. Peter Corso.

As time moved on, Lucas Fox used his financial, technical, and tactical skills to establish his own high tech firm that eventually becomes a powerhouse and competitor to Wayne Enterprises and Stark Enterprises by the time Terry McGinnis arrives on the scene and becomes the next Batman.

By this time, the Batwing armored suit has been retired by Lucas.

However, the technological advances that the Batwing suit, and its predecessors, used established a series of innovations that helped to push the science and technology of advanced armored combat suits that would later go into creating the Batman Beyond suit that an elderly Bruce Wayne, and young Terry McGinnis, would wear and used in their never-ending battle against injustice in Gotham City, and beyond.

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Are Deathstroke and Big Boss the same man, or is there more to it than that?

For a number of years, I believed that the character known as Big Boss from the METAL GEAR video game series was modeled after three men: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( Snake Plissken ( from John Carpenter’s ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, starring Kurt Russell, in the title role, and Sean Connery’s character, John Mason, from Michael Bay’s THE ROCK ( ).

However, after Hideo Kojima (the creator of the METAL GEAR video game franchise) retconned the METAL GEAR video game series with the METAL GEAR SOLID series, and later changed the date of birth and back-story of Big Boss, I have to wonder if Kojima intentionally decided to model Big Boss after one of DC Comics’s best assassins, Deathstroke.

And if there is a connection between these two characters, then Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)’s wife, Adeline Kane ( and Marvel Comics’s female mercenary, Silver Sable ( ) could easily be seen as the templates used to create Big Boss’s mentor, The Boss (

Source Material:

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Is it possible that Howard Stark helped to found a small town in Oregon called EUREKA?



After reading this unique CAPTAIN AMERICA/EUREKA crossover story online (, watching CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (2011) (, and finding out that Howard Stark (, was a member, alongside Nathaniel Richards ( – Reed Richards’s (Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four) father), of a secret order known as the Brotherhood of The Shield ( and, I am left with four questions:

  1. Is it possible that Howard Stark secretly helped Trevor Grant (, Albert Einstein (, and Vannevar Bush (, the head of the OSRD (, secure funding for the Eureka Charter (
  2. Did Howard Stark’s involvement with the Brotherhood of The Shield lead to the reorganization of the U.S. wartime agency known as the Strategic Scientific Reserve ( into the post-wartime intelligence and law enforcement agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. ( after World War 2, as well as to the formation of the protective service unit that guards Warehouse 13 (
  3. If Howard Stark was a founder of the town of Eureka, Oregon, is this revelation the reason why the existence of the (deceased?) former Director of Operations at Global Dynamics (, Nathan Stark (, Howard’s first son from a previous relationship, and the older half-brother of Anthony Stark (, was kept secret until recently?
  4. And finally, if there are any ties between Global Dynamics and Stark Industries, what are they?

External Links:

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From METAL GEAR RAY to the Orbital Frames – Linking METAL GEAR SOLID and ZONE OF THE ENDERS

For years, I have had a theory that Hideo Kojima’s two video game franchises, Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders, were part of the same universe, but were set at different times in the Kojima universe.

It is highly possible that the design specifications for Metal Gear Ray ( were used after the events of METAL GEAR SOLID 4: THE GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (

Many years later, this design evolved and was used in the BAHRAM-sanctioned program, Project Idolo ( and

The Orbital Frame program (, in conjunction with the Metatron Ore program ( later gave rise to the creation of powerful Orbital Frame units.

See also: , ,


Orbital Frames:

Dolores (,

Anubis (,

Jehuty (,

and Neith (

Furthermore, there might exist a familial link between the former child soldier known as Jack/Raiden ( and Dingo Egret (

Perhaps Dingo Egret is a direct descendant of Jack/Raiden through his son, Jack.

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Could GIGANTOR (TETSUJIN 28-GO), GIANT ROBO, and BIG O exist in the same universe?…

Since many are talking about the new Giant Robot-based genre film, PACIFIC RIM, I have been re-watching the old Japanese classic anime series, GIGANTOR (Tetsujin 28-go) (, as well as the GIANT ROBO OVA (, and Big O (, and I have to wonder after watching these three anime series if they take place in the same universe, but at different times…

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A Tale of Two Rivers

Perhaps the pairing shown above happened toward the end of SERENITY.

Maybe River Tam wasn’t the only one in that room against the Reavers.

That might explain why River Song later on took on the Miranda P(?) aliases.

In particular: .

Moreover, maybe the Order of the Silence, under Madam Kovarian, were responsible for the creation of the ultra-secret organization known as Blue Sun.

And through Blue Sun, The Silence were perhaps able to kidnap and condition young River Tam into the perfect weapon against The Doctor, just in case Melody Pond (River Song) failed in her mission.

Lastly, Badger could be the descendant of Canton Everett Delaware, III, who other than being a smuggler, might be acting as a double agent for the Time Agency, instructed to keep tabs on Ms. Tam.

Meaning that there might be something to this picture: .

Who knows?

Source Material:

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Doc Dare: One part Bernice “Bernie” Reinstein, alias “Joanna Dare,” and another part, Patricia Clarke Wildman

The identity of the adventuress known as “Doc Dare,” is, in fact, made up of two unique women:

Dr. Bernice “Bernie” Reinstein, later renamed “Dr. Joanna Dare” by the U.S. government. Bernice was tasked by the U.S. Army to head up Project Gladiator, to replicate the chemical serum used by the late biologist/chemist, Dr. Abednego Danner, to turn his then unborn son, Hugo Danner, into a “superman.”

Bernice was the daughter of Dr. Josef Reinstein, the lead scientist of Project Rebirth, and the creator of the Super-Soldier Serum that later turned a scrawny man named Steven Grant Rogers into the first acknowledged Super-Soldier of World War II, Captain America (see Bernice appeared in the two-part Dark Horse comic miniseries “The Shadow and Doc Savage: The Case of the Shrieking Skeletons”. In the story, Bernice located and enlisted Dr. Clark Savage, Jr., also known as Doc Savage (or in the Wold Newton Universe, Dr. James Clarke Wildman, Jr., also known as Doc Wildman), to help find her father. I submit that soon after the conclusion of this adventure, Doc Savage helped Bernice and her father safely relocate to the United States.

However, and intentionally, the occupation and skill level of Bernice Reinstein was omitted from this story. Bernice was a trained biologist and chemist. Perhaps trained by her own father. The U.S. Army became aware of this fact, and having her father tasked with creating the Super-Soldier Serum, they “invited” Bernice to head up Project Gladiator. U.S. Army Intelligence had kept detailed records concerning a certain former U.S. Army officer who fought in World War I. He had originally fought in the war as a Legionaire of the French Foreign Legion. He made a name for himself as a sort of “super-soldier” during this war. The U.S. Army could find no records of his existence following his disappearance in the early 1920’s. His last known location was somewhere inside the Yucatan Peninsula.

While tasked with finding a serum to replicate the “Danner effect,” Bernice, inadvertently, created a tuning solution that unknowingly linked with a Time Distorter device that allowed time travelers to temporarily occupy the “biospace” of someone from the past. The first known case of the Time Distorter phenomenon is when award-winning author, Philip Jose Farmer, temporarily exchanged places with the real life analogue of the character known as Phileas Fogg, in the novel “The Other Log of Phileas Fogg,” that, ironically, was written by Farmer. Therefore, this unique chemical solution brings the final part of the superhuman known as “Doc Dare”: Patricia Clarke Lupin Wildman, the daughter of the true Man of Bronze, Doc Wildman (Savage).

Patricia’s life has been chronicled by Philip Jose Farmer and Win Scott Eckert in the erotic/gothic novel, “The Evil In Pemberley House.” The novel is tied to the family of Fitzwilliam Darcy, and his wife, Elizabeth Bennett, whose lives were chronicled in Jane Ausen’s classic novel, “Pride and Prejudice.” Long story short, in 1973, shortly after the apparent deaths of Patricia’s parents in a plane crash, and the murder of her first husband at her father’s mental rehabilitation center, Patricia is notified that she is in line to inherit the Pemberley House Estate in England, and the title of Baroness of Lambton. Upon surviving attempts on her life by bank robbers and devious members of the estate, Patricia inherits the estate and the title of Baroness.

Sometime, in her future, Patricia will be repeatedly, and temporarily, displaced from her life in the 1970’s, and taken to the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Surprisingly, this will only happen when Bernice has sexual intercourse.

However, the first travel to the past occurred six months after Bernice injested the chemical solution to survive death after the notorious Nazi spy, Agent D, and her henchmen, tied up, interrogated, and left Bernice for dead, as the building she was trapped in was rigged to explode.

It is my belief that the trigger for this temporal transference is the sexual fixation on one man: Doc Wildman (Savage).

I submit that Bernice was fixated on the man who saved her and her father, with the assistance of Kent Allard, also known as The Shadow. And I believe that, in time, Bernice realized the part her former fiance, Paul, played in the Shrieking Skeletons incident. Out of anger at her departed fiance, who did not survive the incident, and her own awe at Doc himself, her admiration for Doc became sexual in nature. Another particular woman of note suffered from a similar fixation. And because of that unique and disturbing link, the superhuman adventuress known as “Doc Dare” was born.

External Links:

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